Thanksgiving Eve

24 Nov

Today was an incredibly busy day. My parents are hosting Thanksgiving at their house this year and there will be 9 of us total so my mom and I spent a good portion of today prepping.

I woke up early to go to the gym where I did 30 minutes of incline walking. I’m finding it harder to work out at my parents’ house because they live 1,000 feet higher in elevation than I do, and that little bit of difference is making it harder to do what I think I should be able to do. I’m sweating like crazy and definitely can’t run like I can in the mile high city.

After the gym I ran to the store to pick up two things I needed for icing for the pumpkin cake I’m making to take to Michael’s parents’ tomorrow. I was expecting the store to be a mad house but at 9 am it was just busy. Little old ladies were there buying cranberries and chicken broth and since I just had to run in and out it wasn’t bad!

I spent some time working on a freelance project and then my parents and I gave the dogs a bath. They have two little poodles named Teddy and Brandy and they do not like bath time at all. My mom was in charge of washing, my dad was in charge of towel drying, and I was in charge of combing and blow drying aka doggy hairstylist. We all thought it was pretty comical that it took three grown humans to bathe two little dogs.

Once the dogs were clean we started on food prep. I baked my pumpkin cake and made key lime pie for tomorrow. Key lime pie is my dad’s all time favorite so we always have it alongside the pumpkin. My mom’s friend Susan is in charge of pumpkin pie for tomorrow and she’s also bringing cheesecake since it’s her daughter Laura’s birthday and that’s what she requested. 3 desserts is basically heaven for me.

Michael drove down from Denver this afternoon and when he got here we went to dinner at my most favorite Italian restaurant, Bambino’s! We both ordered pesto, which is such a treat since it’s definitely not easy to find in restaurants, at least around here. After dinner we went back to my parents’ house and put up the christmas tree. It was really fun to have a new “first” with Michael and the tree looks so nice. My parents haven’t put up a tree for the past few years because we usually go out of town for christmas but my mom was feeling especially festive this year and it was really fun for us all to do together.

Unfortunately I forgot both of my cameras at my home so I don’t have any pictures of any of this but my mom said I could borrow her’s tomorrow so I’ll take lots of both of my Thanksgivings. Since my parents and Michael’s parents both live in the same city we are going to have a Thanksgiving dinner with each family. I’ve heard of people doing this before but I never have. I’m going to be so stuffed!

I hope everyone has a safe, warm, and delicious thanksgiving!



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